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A tooth is built of hard tissues - enamel and dentin - and soft tissue - pulp (often called nerve).
Damage to the pulp causes pain and may cause serious inflammation of the bone. In such cases you can only do two things : remove the tooth and keep it by performing root canal treatment .
The success of root canal treatment consists of several elements, among which modern tools and techniques are extremely important.

In our clinic root canal treatments are performed :

  • with particular attention to the safety of the treatment 
  • under anesthesia (administered computer)
  • in the shortest period of time (often during a single visit)
  • with the use of professional measuring tools (radiovisiography, endometer)
  • using a "smart engine " Morita , capable of working in a curved root canals

    Modern dentistry allows you to save many teeth that have recently been eligible for removal. According to research proper root canal treatment gives as much as 95 % chance of success. In case of an infection which got into the teethbone around the roots, the chance is still 80%. So it is worth to begin the treatment.
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