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Traditional prostheses belong to the past. With implant treatment you can enjoy a truly beautiful smile.
Alfadent specializes in modern implantology - repairing each type of defects. In a simple and extremely durable way to rebuild a beautiful and natural smile . Based on the world's best implant systems we create professional services.

  • Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that replace a lost tooth. They are made of titanium which is attached to a porcelain crown, so that the tooth is aesthetic and looks natural. This solution is completely safe and painless for the patients.    
  • Edentulism or total lack of teeth can be successfully rebuilt. Modern implantology allows you to mount a fully stable dentures on implants
  • At Alfadent you can successfully fill in teeth losses

    Rebuilding one tooth is performed without interfering with the adjacent teeth . With the help of the implant fixed directly to the jawbone and crown we gain a new teeth, eliminating the earlier loss .

    New teeth on implants look completely natural, making the patient feel comfortable and confident .

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